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Ready, Set, GO! The race is ON! Sign up your school, college or community to join this friendly competition to create Sustainable communities across America by 2020! The race takes place inside your own home. Our QUIZ then aggregates the total energy saved through your smart energy actions, community by community.

Take the QUIZ, click on rebates, free stuff, and information LINKS to see how you can make your own house more sustainable. When your actions are added to those of your neighbors, the result is a BIG energy saving for your community. When the RACE ends, where will your community rank on the list? The goal is to start a movement to popularize a sustainable lifestyle by 2020. This not only helps the environment, but it can also save you money, add comfort to your life, and add a modern style to your home.

Please check out our quiz on making your home more sustainable. We recommend you take it twice, once to see where are you, and again to see how far you have come. Our LINKS also provide information on how you can go about making your home more green friendly! When you reach 50-points out of 250, you can call yourself an Environmental Leader!

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