• Environmental leadership project for your home
  • Money Saving, Energy Smart Actions YOU Can Take Today To Bring More
  • Style, Comfort & Reliability Into Your Life at Home, Work & School by the Year 2020.

This quiz can be used to show how far you have gone into making your house more environmentally friendly. You can take it again to see how much progress you have made. Each question is worth a certain amount of points, with the total being 250. After the quiz is taken, see your score, and what your goal is. Then come back and see if you did better! Please remember to look at our site for information regarding how to make some of these upgrades, including cost estimates.

A score of 50+ points (out of 250) indicates that YOU are an Environmental Leader.
Sustainability 2020 was developed by Alexia Parks, Executive Director of – a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, in collaboration with a volunteer team of green energy experts including Green architect Marc Whitman, Green Builder Reggie Wood, and Dave Intner. Energy smart action links: Sean O’Donnell; Web design: Paul Salminen.