Energy Smart Actions

Upgrade to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Install Programmable Thermostat

Install Dimmers or Occupancy Sensors

Install Exterior Photocells or Motion Sensors

Shielded Exterior Light; Direct Light Downward

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Change Heating Cooling, & AC (HVAC) Filters

Install ENERGY STAR Refrigerator

Insulate, Tune Up, or Upgrade Your Water Heater

Insulate All Hot Water Pipes

Tune Up and Seal HVAC Duct Leaks

HVAC Replacement to High Efficiency

Install Whole House Ventilation System for Cooling

Caulk Building Envelope Leaks

Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

Replace Toilets W/ High-Efficiency Toilet (1.3 gpf)

Install Water Efficient Showerhead or Shower Towers (2 gmp)

Install Water Efficient Bathroom Faucets

Install Water Efficient Kitchen & Utility Faucets

Install Water and Energy Efficient Dishwasher

Install Water & Energy Efficient Washing Machine

Install Ceiling (R-30), Floor (R-19) and Blown-in Wall Insulation (R-15) or to CODE.

Retrofit Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

Window Replacement

Use Environmentally Preferable Materials Low/NoVOC Paint. (50% + Certified Wood; Reclaimed Materials; Rapidly Renewable, Recycled-Content)

Offset Energy Use w/ Solar PV, Solar Thermal

Cool Roof: High solar reflectivity and high infrared emissivity.

Plant Trees for Sun and Wind Screen – 50% of plants should be drought tolerant.

High Efficiency Irrigation System

Collect and Retain Rainwater for Irrigation

Install An Indoor Greywater System